Electrical services



Electrical faults are frustrating at the best of times, however losing power in the middle of the night can be a nightmare! 

With safety our number one priority, JME we are available 24/7 and always ready to help get your power back on safely and quickly.

Switchboard upgrades

Switchboards are vital in the attempt to keep you and your family safe at your property.

The installation of safety switches will highlight faults within the property, reducing the risk of fire and electric shock

The rules around switchboard safety are very clearly outlined in AS/NZS300, with safety switches now compulsory in domestic installations and upgrades compulsory when adding circuits or outlets.

Don't wait for the fault, be proactive with your switchboard and call JME today to see if your switchboard needs attention!

lighting upgrades

LED lighting can transform any home. 

The light itself is far superior, livening the properties atmosphere, whilst the athletics of the fittings are more appealing and the efficiency will be immediately noticeable on your next electricity bill.

From down lights, to oyster lights, external lighting or even light globes to retro fit into your existing fittings, LED lighting is available for any home.

Call JME to find out how we can implement LED's in your home!